Dr. Farhat Agha

Principal Message

"The power of mind", it is said, "is like the rays of the sun dissipated. When the rays are concentrated they illuminate". We at DHACSS College For Women strive for this. Today it enjoys the reputation of being one of the finest and one of the most prestigious among other institutions.

Every year students enter the threshold of this ever growing institution to get enlightenment and we offer them an environment conducive to education atmosphere. Here they have a chance to follow their dreams and see them materialize.

At DCW students go through a process of self discovery, and exploration of their untapped potential.

In today's world of trial and tribulation our mission is to breed tolerance among the youth and to create in them a healthy curiosity for learning and to engage them in healthy pursuits.

We offer them the auditorium which has often been resounded with thunderous applause and the courts which have witnessed encounters of enthusiastic athletes and all this happens under the guidance of an ever vigilant faculty that comprises both the experienced and the aspiring.
The fruit of our labour is earned when board and University results are announced for any faculty. Our students enjoy the honour of consistently bagging top position every year in academics and co-curricular activities. When they leave the protection of their Alma mater, they are fully equipped to meet the challenges of practical life. Majority of our students have been able to carve a niche for themselves in which every profession they have chosen and continue to spread what they have received as enlightment of mind and heart.

The college welcomes with open arms all those who aspire and are ready to tread on the path of knowledge and light.

I welcome you to DHACSS College for Women. 


Ms. Jabeen Islam

Vice-Principal Message

We at DHACSS College for women, strive to create an environment where collaboration, knowledge exchange and social empowerment is fostered.

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