DHACSS College For Women Educational Trip to Egypt 2019

1. It takes hard work to achieve something phenomenal. Egyptian pyramids hold a lesson for every visitor....a lesson of hard work....and success.


2. Being in awe of something and being afraid of it are two different things..... It's upto us, who stand in front of the structure like the Sphinx, to marvel at this wonder of the world.

    DHACSS College for Women students along with the teachers and the Principal.


3. DHACSS College for Women students and teachers at the elegantly built Mohammad Ali Mosque, Cairo. The mosque has the typical Ottoman architecture and was built in the first half of the nineteenth century.


4.  You can learn about a people a great deal from its history. DHACSS College for Women representatives at Cairo Museum.


5.  In front of the great library of Alexandria. Burnt to the ground, it still inspires people from around the world.


6.  A visit to the famous Roman amphitheatre Alexandria, the only one of its kind in Egypt.


7.  Visit to Ancient Mosque with guide

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