Plastic is not only harmful for our health but also for the health of our environment. Plastic bags are one of the major cause of environmental pollution. Can we live without plastic? The answer is ‘Yes’,

It is possible to live without plastic through this might be difficult at first .We can get our own containers, like in the past .Buy veggies by weight in a single bag, instead of individual plastic ones.

In this connection students of XII Science A conducted a campaign with the slogan, ‘SAY NO to Plastic Bags’. The purpose of the campaign was to create awareness among people about the adverse, harmful effects of using plastic bags.

A presentation was also given in the college auditorium on the awareness of hazards of using plastic.

As worldwide people are observing 1st October 2019 as ‘No Plastic Day’ therefore students of XII A (Science) also played a small role by creating awareness. These spirited students made fabric bags and sold them at low price.

This efforts, indeed is commendable.

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