PULSE Science Society of DHACSS College for Women sent invaluable gifts to the patients of NICH,and CHILD AID ASSOCIATION

Children are a crucial part of the population as they determine the future of every country. Figures suggest that 46% of the children are deprived of basic health care.Regarding hospitals this is true that they are not fun for any of us but imagine being trapped in a hospital bed as a young child,perhaps with a serious condition that requires multiple extended visits.

This is where "giggle tricks" come in.These tricks are used to bring a smile on the sick and pale faces of children with a  positive friendly behavior and tokens of love.

Practising it PULSE Science Society of  DHACSS  College for Women phase 8  sent invaluable gifts to the patients of  NICH,and CHILD AID ASSOCIATION which provide free treatment facilities to underprivileged children.

The magical moments when these children received gifts can be seen in the pictures.

Such initiatives  are necessary for overall holistic development of our students.

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