Admissions (Masters)


3rd Year English, Islamic Studies
4th Year Pakistan Studies, Urdu/Social Science/Natural Science
  Group # 1 Group # 2 Group # 3 Group # 4 Group # 5
Liberal Arts Islamic Studies
Library Science
Fine Arts
Islamic History
Mass Communication
Urdu (Elective)
Eng (Elective)
Political Science

Political Science

Statistics (only with Mathematics)

Science Maths
Comp. Science
Commerce Part I
1. Introduction to Business
2. Principles of Accounting
3. Stats and Business Maths
4. Economic Analysis and Policy

Part II
1. Business Communication
2. Principles of Management
3. Economic Development of Pakistan
4. Advanced Accounting
5. Business and Industrial Law Optional:
6. Select any One of the following:

  • Auditing and Income Tax Law
  • Intro to Computer Application in Business
  • Principles of Insurance
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Banking Finance
  • Cost Accounting
  • Urdu



Masters in Economics

DCW-VIII is the only College in DHA which is offering a post graduate degree in Economics in affiliation with the University of Karachi. Stating this programme in 1997, we have provided several outstanding Masters degree holders to the market.


Students who have done their bachelors with Economics are eligible for admission to the M.A Economics programme.

Following subjects are being offered in this programme:

M.A. Previous M.A. Final
Micro Economics Monetary Economics
Macro Economics International Economics
Advance Economic Statistics Econometrics
Public Finance Human Resource Management
Economic Planning Management Economics

Masters in English


Students who have done their bachelors (Arts, Commerce, Science) are eligible for admission to the M.A. English programme.

Following subjects are being offered in this programme.

M.A. Previous (1st Semester) M.A. Previous (2nd Semester)
Course No. 511 English Drama Course No.512 English Drama II
Course No. 521 Poetry I Course No. 522 Poetry II
Course No. 541 Fiction I Course No. 542 Fiction II The Modern Novel
Course No. 551 History of English Literature Course No. 552 Major Literary Movements
Course No. 561 Critical Approaches to Literature I Course No. 562 Critical Approaches to Literature II
M.A. Final (1st Semester) M.A. Final (2nd Semester)
Course No. 611 Literary Theory and Criticism I Course No.612 Literary Theory and Criticism II
Course No. 621 Poetry III Course No. 622 Modern Poetry IV
Course No. 641 Research Methodology Course No. 652 American Literature II
Course No. 651 American Literature I Course No. 662 South Asian Literature in English
Course No. 661 World Literature in Translation Course No. 672 Shakespeare