Code Of Conduct

The students attending DCW need to abide by the following rules and regulations at all times, during their stay in the College:


The students need to wear the following as part of the uniform:

      • Reddish Maroon Shirt ¾ cuff sleeves (check pipens on shirt)
      • White Shalwar
      • White dupatta with matching faculty check pipen
      • Maroon hoodie / Winter Blazer (as winter wear)
      • Closed black shoes
      • College monogram on the shirt pocket (Right side)
      • College ID Card on faculty colour string

Note: For students’ convenience all the above are available (on payment) at the College uniform shop and the ID card shall be issued by the College.

      • The College gates will be closed for the students at 7:55 am sharp.
      • Late arrival is not permitted and will not be excused except any emergency.
      • Prompt departure from the College at 2:10pm is encouraged.
      • Attending all scheduled classes / practical is mandatory for all students.
      • Students are not allowed to miss any class / practical for any reason.
      • At least 75% attendance is mandatory for appearing in Board/University examination, failing which examination form will be with held.
      • Absence from College for personal reasons / illness should be intimated through an application.
      • Medical certificate is to be submitted promptly in case of an illness.
      • A fine of Rs 150/- per day will be charged in case of an uninformed leave.
      • One month’s absence without any intimation to the College will lead to suspension from the College.
      • For the students’ safety they are not allowed to leave the College except in case of an emergency. In such a case only parents can come to fetch their daughter. Parents will have to present some valid personal identification.
      • The College will remain closed on all gazetted holidays during summer / winter vacation. Announcement in this regard will be made by the College Administration.
      • Students must wear their College identity card at all times.
      • Carrying / using cellular phone, MP3 Player and any electronic gadget is not allowed. If confiscated, these items would not be returned.
      • Students indulging in rowdyism, damaging College property, furniture and soft boards will be penalized for such misconduct.
      • Academic silence and discipline is to be observed in and around the College during lecture hours and at all times in the library.
      • Expressing disrespect by word or deed for the College, its property and its rules or disfiguring the College will be dealt with strictly.
      • Distributing undesirable printed material / books / magazines is not allowed.
      • Consistently poor academic performance will lead to a student’s expulsion.
      • Endangering the safety of others, dishonoring self / others will be strictly penalized.
      • The College reserves the right to amend and revise its rules and regulations as and when it deems appropriate.
      • The College management reserves the right to expel any student found contravening any of these rules and regulations.

Note: Students and their parents / guardians are advised to acquaint themselves with this code of conduct for compliance.