Curricular Activities

In academics, first three position holders of annual board/university examination are awarded a cash prize. Besides this, also receive commendation letters from DHA Administrator, Karachi.


Our students actively participate in a number of sports and win laurels for the College. Our teams win most of the tournaments. They participate in Athletics besides playing in Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Netball, Table Tennis, Throw ball and Volleyball tournaments. We are the proud winners of General Champion Trophy since the last many years.

Clubs and Society

The college has established a number of clubs and societies to help conduct a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities. This allows us to cater to students’ diverse interests. These clubs and societies hold seminars, competitions, contests, shows and presentations to bring more awareness to the students. Mentioned below are some details about a few of our clubs and societies.


In order to ensure the fitness and health of our students, we take special steps to regularly promote physical activities.

Workshop / Seminars

Various departments of the College arrange workshops, seminars, talks and lectures to provide variety of information and opportunities to draw valuable lessons from well-established members of our society belonging to various walks of life. This provides many enriching and invigorating experiences to the students. It helps them not only with their current studies but also guides them about various career opportunities. This brings about a refinement in the overall personality of our students.

Counseling and Guidance

Students, at this impressionable age, may encounter emotional disturbance due to peer pressure, or personal matters for which they need an outlet. For this purpose, a trained psychologist is always available to counsel and guide students on a healthy and positive note. Career counseling and guidance regarding subject selection and future career options is also provided to those students/parents who ask for it. Besides this, parent-teacher meetings are also arranged by the College to discuss the progress of the students.


The college has its own fleet of buses, coasters and high roofs. These provide regular commuting facilities to students, at reasonable rates, to different locations in the city.

Fine Arts Studio

Our Fine Arts department is one of the finest in the city. Our students are encouraged to use a wide range of materials and tools. They are trained and prepared to meet the demands of various professional Colleges/institutes.


The DCW-VIII’s air conditioned library holds a large collection of more than 12,000 books on a variety of subjects, catering to the varied interests of the students. Our teachers also encourage and promote reading habits in our students.

The library subscribes to national and international newspapers/journals and magazines. Our library committee, consisting of senior faculty members, regularly reviews and assists in up-dating the library with latest books.

A computerized modern library management system enables the users to search for material much more quickly and efficiently.


To deal with unexpected emergencies and administer Essential treatment, a qualified and experienced doctor and a full-time, well trained nurse are on duty, ensuring prompt medical care. The students have to undergo a mandatory annual medical check-up at the College clinic.


The cafeteria is one of the most lively places of the campus. The vast hall throngs with students who can relax there during breaks. A variety hygienically prepared snacks are sold at reasonable rates in a comfortable environment.


The air-conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of over 500 is the centre of most of the college’s co-curricular activities, competitions, shows and seminars.

Creative Room and Learners’ Chamber

The teachers at DCW-VIII try to make the teaching learning process not only informative but also interesting and innovative. To assist them in their task, we have a special Demonstration Room equipped with Audio/Visual aids. This multipurpose room is used for presentations, seminars, conferences, lectures and educational movies.


The college houses 17 labs for Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Stats, Psychology, Library Science, Fine Arts and Geography, besides a museum for Zoological specimen

Computer Section

Since we, at DCW-VIII believe in imparting quality education along modern lines, therefore, we have a computer center consisting of 3 labs with a fairly large number of latest PC’s, with up-to-date accessories /attachments.


Built as a 3-level unit, the campus consists of 53 large well-lit Classrooms designed with a seating capacity of over 65 students per class. Besides these there are 2 Lecture Halls with a seating capacity of over 100 students each. The rooms are provided with necessary teaching aids/materials and can accommodate various electronic equipment, when necessary, to enhance the overall learning experience of the students.